Stepney Greencoat C of E Primary School

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Our Big Question


Date Question
12th November 2021 Why should we trust in God and His promises?
5th November 2021 What is Trust?
22nd October 2021 What is love and what does it look like?
15th October 2021 What does love look like?
8th October 2021 How do we show love for outsiders?
1st October 2021 How do we show our love to God?
24th September 2021 How does God show love?
17th September 2021 What is Love?
10th September 2021 Why do we have Collective Worship?


Date Question
7th December 2020 How do we show respect for elders?
23rd November 2020 Is respect needed in our world?
11th November 2020 What does respect look like?
2nd November 2020 Why is our vision important?
19th October 2020 How do you show love?
12th October 2020 What is Love? Can you describe it?
5th October 2020 How do you show love?
28th September 2020 Why is love important?
21st September 2020 Who loves you and how do you know?
14th September 2020 What makes you, you?
7th September 2020 How do you live out our Vision?


Date Question
2nd March 2020 Do we need books?
10th February 2020 What does love for one another look like?
3rd February 2020 How should we show love for outsiders?
27th January 2020 How we can show love for God?
20th January 2020 What would happen if love didn't exist?
18th November 2019 Is it easy to forgive a friend?
11th November 2019 How are you unique?
4th November 2019 How do you choose your friends?
28th October 2019 Who is a friend? A friend is...
14th October 2019 How would you like respect to be shown to you?