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Online Safety

ICT in the 21st Century has an all-encompassing role within the lives of children and adults.  New internet and online technologies are involved in all areas of our lives, including: Email, Messaging, Shopping, News, TV and Cinema, Social Networking, Video Calling, Online Games, Education, Music and many more.

Online Safety for Pupils

We believe it is our responsibility to prepare pupils for their lives in the modern world, and ICT is an integral part of that world.  At our school we are committed to teaching pupils to use ICT and Online Technology effectively and appropriately in all aspects of their education.

Use of the Internet by pupils

  • All pupils have access to ICT on a range of devices as part of the curriculum.
  • Pupils are always actively supervised by an adult when using the Internet, including during lunchtime and after school clubs and activities
  • Computers and other devices with Internet access are carefully located so that screens can be seen be a supervising adult

Teaching safe and responsible use of the Internet and ICT

  • The safe and responsible use of ICT is a statutory part of the Computing aspect of the National Curriculum
  • Online Safety is taught to all pupils with age appropriate lessons, activities and resources.

Online Safety Policy

The school has a comprehensive Online Safety Policy for Pupils that covers all aspects of Online Safety at school.

Pupil Online Safety Policy

School Website

We post key information regularly on the school website. We include photographs and work by the children. Keeping our children safe is very important to us so we ensure that all appropriate safeguarding measure are considered, and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are followed

  • Only children whose parents have given specific consent will appear on the school website
  • A child’s full name will not feature on our website
  • We will take all reasonable steps to make sure that children are not individually identifiable to outside parties.

Please come into the school office and speak to someone if you need more information.

Keeping your children safe online

It’s almost certain that your children know a lot more about social media, computers and mobile phones than you do. This leaflet contains some simple things you can do to make sure they stay safe.

Keeping your children safe online